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Highway to Hell
Parabéns ao jackass q fez isso, seu FDP





A little experiment with resin. They will be made into magnets.

The fish are made from polymer clay and the “water” is resin. The octopuses glow in the dark.

"Not open the door? But it’s Halloween!" - Halloween Pt 1 (1x04)


The Rising by SC|Photography on Flickr.


TOP 10 DOCTOR WHO EPISODES as voted in my poll
#9 - The Doctor’s Wife

Yep, you’ve defeated us. Me and my lovely friends here, and last but definitely not least, the TARDIS Matrix herself, a living consciousness you ripped out of this very control room and locked up into a human body. And look at her. 
Enough. That is enough. 
No. It’s never enough. You forced the Tardis into a body so she’d burn out safely a very long way away from this control room. A flesh body can’t hold the TARDIS Matrix and live. Look at her body, House. 
And you think I should mourn her? 
No. I think you should be very, very careful about what you let back into this control room. You took her from her home. But now she’s back in the box again, and she’s free. Oh, look at my girl. Look at her go. Bigger on the inside. You see, House? That’s your problem. Size of a planet, but inside you are just so small. Finish him off, girl.